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Can I Use Soundbar As Speakers For My Home Theater System?

Can I Use Soundbar As Speakers For My Home Theater System?

This is a recurring dilemma that what to choose between the soundbar vs. speakers for home theater? Although both aim to offer superior musical reproduction, they do not come with the same installation facilities or the same power.

These are also devices with different prices that you will need to take into account when establishing your budget.

Today, here are the differences between the two models as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Audiophiles, your choice is made today!

The sound bar: compact and simple

Let’s start with the particularly practical use soundbar as speakers for home theater system.

The installation is indeed very quick, since you will simply have to place it around the television (with opening towards the room, of course) and then connect it to your television via an optical output, or the use of an HDMI or USB cable.

If you are not a big fan of cables, because of their unsightly appearance, then do not hesitate to turn to manufacturers such as Bose or Samsung.

These have indeed pushed digitalization, to the point of offering bars connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


To summarize

If the sound quality is not high-end, it remains correct, and in any case much better than your TV. Easy to install and cheaper than a home theater, it could quickly find a place in your living room.

Home Cinema: powerful and immersive

If you like the power of sound, it’s even distribution throughout the room and beyond, the good transparency between the most subtle sounds, then home theater is definitely a choice for you.

We will find, as for the soundbar, a 2.1 configuration (2 speakers + 1 subwoofer) and a 5.1 configuration (5 speakers + 1 subwoofer). The entire sound spectrum is beautifully covered and the spatialization is ideal.

Easy installation and ergonomics

Add surround sound speakers to a soundbar requires only one connection and is simply placed on the television, or above / below. Compact, it takes up very little space.

The Home Cinema, it will require several connections, and occupies a significant place.

The different sounds

The soundbar offers a good general rendering, but will not always be able to express all the subtleties of the different sounds.

The home cinema, in addition to being faithful in its retransmission, offers an unequaled power on the bass, and offers a crystal clear sound in the treble.


It cannot be told that you that one is better than the other, because it all depends on your taste. Refined and elegant, the soundbar is discreet and blends into your environment.

The price

No surprises: the soundbar is, as a rule, much cheaper than home theater.


The soundbar offers good spatialization, but has more difficulty transcribing the voices and rear sounds with precision and power. Home Theater wins the duel hands down thanks to its impressive components.