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Can I Connect Studio Monitor to Subwoofer?

Can I Connect Studio Monitor to Subwoofer?

A subwoofer can do magic to round out the sound of little speakers in a home studio circumstance. They can likewise be particularly valuable for mixing, acing, and video after creation work by expanding the scope of your system to uncover ultra-low frequencies that most monitors can’t reproduce.

Notwithstanding, except if it’s adjusted to give the perfect measure of bass in a specific scope of frequencies, use studio monitors for a surround sound with a subwoofer can really accomplish more damage than anything else to your music by throwing off the precision of your system with an excess of low-end.

A turned subwoofer occupying the stay with bass can make your music sound in a split second all the more fulfilling, yet monitoring with a misrepresented measure of low-end can genuinely twist your point of view when recording, mixing, and acing. One can connect studio monitor to subwoofer very easily.

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Does Your Home Studio Need a Subwoofer?

Before clicking “purchase” on the principal subwoofer that catches your extravagant, set aside some effort to dissect your home studio arrangement and choose if you truly even need one in any case.

In the event that you at present use bookshelf or hi – fi speakers, you should initially consider moving up to a couple of studio-quality monitors with in any event four-to six-inch woofers.

These will show an a lot flatter frequency reaction than consumer sound system speakers and will deliver frequencies down to about 50Hz (though with somewhat less yield on the low-end).

If you at present make use of little monitors and still end up ailing in bass, just moving up to bigger speakers could take care of your issues without the entanglements of adding a subwoofer.

Eight-inch woofers in an all around constructed speaker cabinet with legitimate bass porting can stretch out down to about 35Hz.

Those 15 additional hertz will have an immense effect in bass substance and might be all you requirement for good solid.


Selecting a Subwoofer

As a rule, if the producer pair subwoofer to studio monitors sells a subwoofer for that specific line of speakers that must be your first decision.

With a coordinating subwoofer, you’ll know without a doubt that the whole system was designed to cooperate, with the sub tuned to give precisely what your monitors are missing.

In any case, if there is certifiably not a devoted subwoofer for your particular arrangement of monitors (or in the event that it you can’t discover one or manage the cost of it), attempt to get the nearest thing conceivable from a similar brand, and you should in any case have a nice match.

Superior-Tuning the Subwoofer

Subsequent to setting the crossover frequency, it’s an ideal opportunity to adjust your subwoofer’s yield level to give the perfect measure of bass.

Acoustical estimation software is amazingly useful here, as the best way to accomplish a flat reaction is by trial and blunder: Set the level, record estimation with a test tone, make an alteration, and rehash until the reading is as flat as you can get it.