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Should My Amp Be More Powerful Than My Speakers?

Should My Amp Be More Powerful Than My Speakers?

An amplifier is an essential element for broadcasting an audio signal to your speakers and your speaker. The amplifier picks up an audio signal from a source (music from a Smartphone for example) to give power and quality of listening to your speakers.

Without an amp, no sound comes out of a speaker. It is therefore essential for any sound installation. Sometimes you may feel that amp more powerful than my speakers.

Between the speakers power vs. amp power the amplifier can be internal to the cabinet of your speaker, at that time we will speak of an active speaker. Otherwise there is no amplifier in the enclosure; you will need to get an external one. We will speak here of a passive enclosure.

In the case of an active speaker, the amplifier is perfectly calibrated to its speaker. The speaker therefore does not require adjustment at the amp level. You will not have to worry about its good match with speakers.

By cons, in the case of the passive speaker you will need to get an external amplifier, which will power your speaker. Here, therefore, the question arises of the good correspondence between these two elements. standard for audio equipment manufacturers

How to choose your amplifier with your speakers?

No, the answer to this question will not be subjective. Finding the right amplifier for a speaker will be the result of some careful research.

There is no single amplifier compatible with your speaker. There are certainly several, but not all will give the same results. We will see together how to judge the good compatibility between these elements.

The right match is a perfect combination of these two key elements of your sound system. If your amplifier matches your speakers perfectly, you can get the most from your speakers.

However finding a good amp will surely be the result of some research during which you will have to master certain concepts to find THE right match:

RMS power

Reference standard for audio equipment manufacturers. RMS power refers to the average power supplied by your amplifier. This power should be roughly the same as that of your speakers to get a good match. speakers it is the maximum acceptable

Admissible power

For your speakers it is the maximum acceptable (or admissible) power before damaging them. If you exceed this admissible power with a very powerful amplifier pushed to the maximum, you risk melting the coil of the speaker of your speaker.

In summary, when choosing an external amplifier for your speakers, you should be interested in the notion of power on the speaker side as on the amp side.

Go for the recommended amplifier power for speakers. This notion is very important for finding the right amplifier. Also pay attention to the admissible power for your speakers which must not be exceeded by the power of your amplifier.

A little moer for musicians

keyboard amplification
Today, you can find many options of keyboard amplification to suit any budget constraints. The development of technology allows even the cheapest amplifier to retain the rich sound quality provided by your foot-operated keyboard.