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How Do I Connect My Old Home Theater To My Smart TV?

How Do I Connect My Old Home Theater To My Smart TV?

The advent of home theaters greatly expanded the old possibilities of television. Now movies can be watched in remarkable quality and with excellent soundtrack.

You might wonder about how to connect my old home theater to my Smart TV? The modern home cinema market allows you to purchase a system for every taste, and the capabilities of these systems are associated only with the thickness of the consumer’s wallet and with his preferences.

Home theater is all about

It is original form of connecting Smart TV to your home theater. A home theater is a receiver and a set of speakers. It can play video and sound from both discs and flash drives, and even from video tapes.

The connectors for connecting the receiver to the TV are different, so let’s figure out how to connect the home theater to the TV in one case or another.

For starters, speakers, speakers are connected to the receiver. There may be several speakers, depending on the model of the home theater, but there are at least six of them: two front, two rear, one central, and one subwoofer.



home theater

The speaker connectors may be different, but the speaker connection scheme is always the same, this is the standard.

Connecting Smart TV to your home theater is located in front, the center speaker is above or below the TV screen, and the front speakers are to the left and right of it. The rear is obviously behind the viewer left and right.

How to connect

To connect home theatre to TV are standard speaker cables that come with the kit. There may be no lugs on the wires, but the wires are always connected in polarity.

Threaded or push-in connectors on the speakers and on the receiver are marked with colors: red – plus, black – minus.

The push connector is equipped with a button, by pressing which the connector opens, and then you can stick the wire, then the button is released, and the wire is clamped, locking in the connector.

The threaded connector, however, involves loosening the retainer nozzle, wiring the wire over the electrode, and twisting the nozzle all the way, so that the wire is fixed.


The front speaker jacks are labeled “Front”, the rear speaker jacks are labeled “Rear” or “surround”, the center jacks are labeled “Center”, and the subwoofer is labeled “subwoofer”.

The subwoofer is responsible for low frequencies and bass, it can be placed behind, in front, or even on top of the ceiling. After connecting the speakers to the receiver, proceed to connect the TV directly.


The best quality video will come from this connector, and if your TV has an HDMI connector, use it, because HDMI will best transmit the digital signal from the receiver.

Connect these connectors with a cable, then plug the equipment into the network and enjoy watching. HDMI is capable of transmitting both video and audio data.