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How Much Does A Home Theater Setup Cost?

Probably everyone would like to enjoy the favorite movie at home. And this is possible by creating a personal home cinema.

In this regard, questions “How can I make a home theater?” or “How much will it cost to arrange?” appear more and more often. There are a huge number of components for a home theater. All of them vary in their characteristics and prices. So you can only evaluate the configuration approximately.

Design and acoustics

So, if you have already chosen a room for the future cinema, then you should take care of its arrangement. First of all, pay attention to design and sound insulation. Soundproofing will make viewing more comfortable, minimizing all external noise. Approximately, you can expect a cost of from 60 to 300 dollars per square foot to build it, depending on the materials used and the required design.How Much Does A Home Theater Setup Cost?2

The projector canvas

The projector canvas is probably one of the most important parts of the home cinema. The screen size should be selected depending on the room. Ideally, the screen size should be half the distance to the seats. When choosing a screen of good quality, you can be sure that it will last you a long time. The price of a quality product starts at $2200 and can go up to $3200.


In the past few years, the quality of projectors has increased significantly and it is certainly more advisable not to buy less than $ 1800.

A/V Receiver

The receiver is the center of a home theater setup. And, paradoxically, it is the one that will be most likely to be quickly replaced – according to technological developments (new HDMI standard, new sound formats, the addition of connected functionalities, etc.). Like all products, there are different ranges and of course, different prices.

Receivers, even entry-level, are generally compatible with the sound formats (Dolby or DTS). Note also that they come with a microphone dedicated to calibration, which allows them to correctly (and automatically) adjust the speakers according to their placement.

To buy the right receiver, beyond the question of budget, it is necessary to know the size of the room where the home cinema will be located. For a small living room, it is possible to buy a mid-range product. But when it comes to acquiring a home cinema, the needs of tomorrow are as great as those of today – especially as the products are expensive.How Much Does A Home Theater Setup Cost?3

Center and front speakers

These are the devices that will create the main sound stage. Particular attention should be paid to the central speaker because it is through it that most of the dialogues in films will be reproduced. Front speakers are more important than surround speakers and can cost you $500 per speaker.

Side and surround speakers

It is recommended to go in the $500 price range for creating surround effect. There are many options to choose from and quality dictates price.


The subwoofer will add low frequencies and at the same time depth of sound. A good quality subwoofer will cost you around $600 each and the price increases with the quality. While many people think of subwoofers as large, floor-standing boxes, it is now possible to purchase in-wall subwoofers that are barely detectable once they are installed.

Home cinema seats

And finally, the element of comfort is furniture. There are no clear recommendations on which armchairs or sofa to choose for a home theater. It all depends on you. The choice should be approached responsibly since you will have to spend at least two hours on these seats. The price range can vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per place.