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Advertising disclosure accepts a variety of advertising for home audio equipment and other related items. As the owner of this website, I am compensated for this advertising which supports the running of the site.

You can be confident that the content of this website is not influenced by any advertising or affiliate relationship that I may have.

In fact, I actively seek relevant advertising and product links in order to support this website and provide useful information to site visitors.

Advertising on this site is formed of two main types – affiliate links and display ads.

What Is an Affiliate Link?

Throughout the site, I link to products I like. After clicking one of these links, if you buy a product from the external site, I may get a commission.

You pay the same.

You are under no obligation to make a purchase when you leave this website.

Have You Used the Products You Link To?

In many cases, I have used the product, or something very similar from that brand. I have been using home audio and hi-fi equipment for personal use for 30+ years.

I, therefore, have wide experience with many products and brands in this field.

I also use my 20+ years of experience as a sound engineer and technician in recording studios, TV studios and theater to evaluate and research products either with hands-on experience or by online research.

I make a number of product and service recommendations throughout this website. However, I recommend only those products and services that I believe to be suitable for the purpose, and that I would use myself.

Specific product reviews and endorsements included in my text are my personal opinion or my own experiences with that product.

I have not accepted any payment or compensation to link to any product on this website.

What Are Display Ads?

Display ads appear at the side of, or within, the content of this website. These advertisements are clearly identified.

While I try to make sure that only relevant, suitable and good quality ads are shown for site visitors, I cannot monitor every company that wishes to display ads on this site.

The fact that a particular product or service is advertised in this way is not an indication that I recommend or endorse that product or service. Any claim, statistic, quote or other representation should be verified with the seller, manufacturer or provider.

If you see an advert that you feel is unsuitable for a family website, then please feel free to use the ‘Report This Ad’ button that appears below every ad.

Or, if you would prefer, you can contact me with the details.

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