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Why Is Your Home Theater Not Working When You Connect It To Pc?

Why Is Your Home Theater Not Working When You Connect It To Pc?

Connecting your PC or your laptop to stereo or external speakers can be cumbersome, but it is simpler than it seems.

It can be done wirelessly (via Bluetooth) or with different types of cables if your device is old and does not have this technology.

So you can enjoy your games, movies and music with the best sound power, here it is been seen you all the solutions that exist for your issue on home theater is not working when I connect it to PC.

Via Bluetooth

  1. Turn on the audio device and make sure it is ready to pair. The way to get it will depend on the device, see the manufacturer’s guide if you don’t know how to do it.
  2. Open the Activity Center (the right-most icon in the Windows taskbar) and click Bluetooth to activate it on your PC as well.
  3. If it did not connect automatically, click connect your pc to your home stereo.
  4. Wait for your sound system to appear and select it. If everything happened to be goes as it supposed to be, you will see the message Voice, music connected. That’s all!If neither your stereo nor your PC has Bluetooth

If your stereo does not have Bluetooth

The solution is very simple: get a Bluetooth receiver. For a much more reasonable price than you would have to pay for new speakers or a quality home cinema, these small devices will solve your problem by implementing Bluetooth technology to your old sound system.

If neither your stereo nor your PC has Bluetooth

Then you need the previous two products or a hybrid like this one from Avantree. While one unit converts your PC into a Bluetooth transmitter, the other converts you’re stereo into a receiver.PC and on your sound system

With wires

Depending on the audio inputs and outputs that you have on your PC and on your sound system, you have two options:

Jack / RCA connection

This is the universal method, as all non-wireless devices have these connections. If what you are trying to connect are speakers with integrated cables, go directly to step 3.

If it did not come with your stereo or you have lost it, get a cable like this.

Look for two red and white ports like the ones below on the back of your stereo. They are usually identified as aux or Audio IN. Plug the red and white RCA connectors of the cable into them, each in its corresponding color.

Now have a look at the backside of your PC to locate the audio outputs: you’ll find three, usually blue, green and pink.

The one that interests you is the green one, which will be marked as line out, out or with an arrow indicating the outgoing connection.

Plug the cable end Jack to connect laptop to surround sound system, which is the connector that we have left over.

On your stereo, select the aux channel

If Windows has not automatically recognized you, go to Start> Settings> System> Sound and change the audio output to the device you just connected.